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Friday, April 16, 2004
From the estimable Tom Ellard:

Spent some time on another soundtrack job which I can't say much about. Also played through some albums I've borrowed.

So many albums seem to be this thing, I think I'll call it 'half music'. It's a strange thing - it's very clever, with precise production, beautiful sounds, many wonderful sonic events - but it has the overall feeling of a hamburger without the beef. There's so much of it, and it's very popular I guess because it doesn't intrude at all - vocals are forbidden. What's an example, well the last thing I listened to was RUOK by Meat Beat Manifesto, and it needs a few more listens, but it's that kind of - "pardon me? May I please play in the background while you use your XBox? I promise to only throw a few vocal samples in every now and then.". Like I could say that I have tended towards that recently but I have the baggage of old school and glam that keeps me from being too polite. And I make that horrible mouth noise.

Seefeel. That was another one. The album starts and you think 'fucking eh this is interesting loopy stuff', but then it kind of just keeps doing that. You can bet that track X will be much the same as X-1. There's going to be a loopy noise and then the drum and the bass and then... it'll stop. Nice, but can I have some songs?

Took a reality check - played some older albums - yep - there's songs. You know, songs. Buzzcocks. Wot a great band.

Of course you could go the other way and do an album like Plaid. I mean, a minute has gone by it must be time to throw another key/rhythm/mix change in there - people's attention might wander if they just played a fucking song for more than a minute - can't have that. Everytime I started to enjoy some thing it was whipped away from me like a restaurant where they want to clean the table. Haven't you finished listening yet? Geez you're slow. I felt like telling them to calm their asses and give me back my entree.

Actually, shamefully the album I enjoyed hearing again was "After The Heat" by Eno and Cluster. Damn fine album that. Tuneful and weird. I'm going to try find some more Cluster LPs.

Yeah. Songs. Damn straight.