clap clap blog: we have moved

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
I am back from a little place I like to call Michiana. Regular posting to resume shortly, when my brain stops going "bleeeaaaargh." Hopefully, this will be later today, assuming my employers continue to operate under the impression that I am not actually here, although this is, I admit, unlikely. In the meantime I am listening to soothing things like Les Mouches, Beck, Asobi Seksu, etc.

Brief notes:

Looks like people are starting to discuss the study, which is good. (Link via Sasha.)

DJ set from Harm. (!)

Four days of posts about economic systems and Wal-Mart's oppressive business practices are about the last thing I want to wade through when I get back from vacation. So I didn't.

I need a vacation from this vacation. Maybe involving...robots?

UPDATE: At Hillary's request, here is an article of mine from Flagpole, an Athens, GA alt-weekly. It's basically a reprint of these two posts, except with section headings (!), minor revisions, and a fun little sentence or two at the end to tie it all together, which sentences I quite like, if I'm being immodest here. This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of clap clap / Flagpole collaborations, brought to you by reader & commenter/editor (respectively) Chris, to whom thanks are heartily extended. Of course, this will involve me writing more substantive posts rather than three-line factoids, but I'll get to that, really I will.