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Thursday, April 08, 2004
I was walking to the train in Washington Heights this morning when a guy came up and tried to hustle me a bag of indie-rock CDs--the Pixies, the Strokes, Sunny Day Real Estate, Idlewild--for $10. I told him two true things (that I had all of those that I wanted already and that I had about 14 cents in cash on me) but I don't think he believed me. ("14 cents? You're a rich man.") Oh well. I felt kind of bad--I was clearly his best shot on 177th street, since I didn't see a whole lot of other people with messenger backs and guitars on their backs. But then again, they were probably stolen from some other post-collegiate hipster, so I don't need to feel too bad. Then again again, the hipster liked SDRE, so maybe they deserved it.

And then on the train I ran into someone who was in a play I put on freshman year of college. It was an odd morning.