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Monday, April 26, 2004
Incidentally, I paged through that Blender article at lunch. It was pretty interesting, although not as good as the Strauss. At any rate, part of it is online. More notably, maybe, there are some pictures of her with Frances Bean. She looks reassuringly good, doesn't she? Really just like an 11-year-old should look. A little gawky, as we all are at 11, and very normal looking. The pictures with her and Courtney are pretty cute, and it strikes me that it's a kind of Rory/Lorelai "we're mother and daughter and we're friends!" kind of relationship. They should do a Gilmore Girls where they meet Courtney and Frances and they bond, until Courtney and Lorelai freak each other out, and then Laney comes along and convinces Frances to join her band, and then Kurt Cobain's daughter will be in a fictional band with Sebastian Bach, and...

Wshew, OK, I think that just crossed the enthusiastic/nerdy line in my Gilmore Girls fandom, so I'll stop.