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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Neil Strauss on Courtney. Or, rather, on three days with Courtney. It's a great article, sad and true. I think his assessment of her issues is a lot more fair than what we usually get:

Her flaws, then, are as follows: She is extremely reactive, responding in an excessive way to every new situation or thought that arises; she is a megalomaniac, making claims that no one with a healthy sense of modesty would make in front of a journalist (as when she dismisses comparisons to alternative rockers of the moment and insists, "I'm a catalog artist: I compete with Bob Dylan"); she is obsessed with detail, micromanaging her affairs and sometimes failing to see the bigger picture; and she has become consumed by her supposed enemies and believes that all of the bad things that are happening to her are the result of a coordinated financial, legal and personal smear campaign.

Also, she says, "I have a magic pussy."