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Monday, April 12, 2004
Saturday Night, The Bar

The problem with this bar is that when you walk into it you aren't immediately sure whether or not it's weird that there's a bunch of guys in Godsmack t-shirts there along with their sort of embarassingly stereotypically white-trash girlfriends (blonde teased hair, denim shorts, craggy faces, etc.). But soon it becomes clear that there was, in fact, a Godsmack concert nearby, and a certain group of fans have chosen to retire here for a few libations. This is a problem because they look like the kind of folks who really aren't that many beers away from hitting you, even when sober.

Later, when they have all left and we have met a friend and are driving to Taco Bell, we see the Godsmack tour bus, and it occurs to us that the fans were talking like they were from a ways away, which brings up the disturbing possibility that they are Godsmack's equivalent of Deadheads. Brr.

Also seen at bar: Liz Phair's "Extrordinary" used in a WNBA ad.