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Monday, April 12, 2004
Sunday Afternoon, Somewhere in Chicago

An annotated list of everything we ate yesterday, or, why I should maybe reconsider going on tour if I don't want my insides to melt if this is the way I eat while traveling

- Hot dogs, fries (desperately hungry and needed to eat breakfast and Nathan's was the only thing with a short line open between check-in and our gate at the airport)
- Ice cream (bored at Detroit airport)
- Nachos (ditto, but more because we had to go into Fox Sports Network bar to smoke)
- Pretzels (on plane)
- Corn chips, pistachios (waiting to go to dinner)
- Rice chips (at dinner)
- Slurpee, beef jerky (from 7-11, eaten while driving slowly around streets because we miss driving and because Miss Clap wanted to show me the house with a huge sculpted Jesus-on-the-cross in its front yard. Slurpee became problem when no bathroom was readily available, let me tell you.)
- Potato chips (at bar)
- Tacos, more nachos (after bar)

Read this and realized that it was sort of an eight-year-old's dream menu.