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Monday, April 26, 2004
To the internet community:

Hi-ho. So me and my two friends Lori and Nat are starting a band. We now need a name. Can you help us? Some useful facts:

- We are currently in the vein of McClusky and will be in the vein of the New Pornographers or something like that once we get a keyboardist who doesn't go to Ireland for three months at a time.
- We all like boobies. (No, I'm serious. We all agreed on this.) But you don't have to incorporate this into the name. It would probably be better if you didn't, actually. But it's good background info.
- Lori really likes corny jokes but you might not want to cater to this.
- I'm not quite sure what Nat likes, as her main role in the naming process so far has been to say "um, no" to the really dumb suggestions, but she does like lots of things.
- To more concrete about the genre thing: we are indie rock, poppy, kind of early 90's-ish. Lots of riffs, vocal harmonies, dancy in that rock way (for now; we will probably be dancy in that dance way once we get a full-time keyboardist, as my previous band with Lori was).

Also, as much as I appreciate "funny" band names, we are not a jamband, so for every suggestion you make for the benefit of my laughin' parts like "Long Dong Silver and the Butt Pirates," please also try and make one that we wouldn't be embarassed to be playing Radio City as in ten years' time.

I'm serious about this, and it would be a really big help. I may or may not take the top contenders and subject them to a vote later, but the people it's more important to convince are probably Nat and Lori.