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Monday, May 24, 2004
Brief Scissor Sisters report: saw them last night at the Bowery, and it was pretty fantastic, although I got there too late to see Morningwood, more's the pity. They played a few new songs, but they sounded familiar from the new songs they played at their winter NYC show, and quite frankly I'm not sure what the UK bonus tracks sound like, so I can't be much help in that regard, aside from saying that the really uber-dancy new (?) song was incredible. That tropical number resurfaced and did not get the best reception. Robert Schneider came out for the encore (as he did at the winter show) and they did a B-52s song, whose name I would doubtless know if I didn't suck, but it was basically one long penis joke, which is cool. Then for the second encore they did "Laura" and "Music is the Victim," joined during the latter song by the "legendary" Kiki, the transvestite who was standing at the edge of the stage by Ana at the February show, if you recall. And there was much similated ass-fucking. Ana told some funny stories about Duran Duran and Nick Rhodes' model girlfriend, and speechified about gay marriage and (ugh) defeating Bush. Ah well--less uncomfortable than Patti Smith's speechifying, I suppose.

It was a great show because, I think, there were so many fans in the audience--at least 3/4 of the people there seemed to have heard the songs enough to dance/sing along without reservation. Unsurprisingly, a crowd that's a) big fans of the music, and b) largely gay is a hell of a lot of fun. There was very much a party attitude; for as much as the previous show impressed upon me that they could rock, this show elevated that rockitude into partyosity. Which is the smartest thing I've ever said.

So anyway, Miss Clap enjoyed it, and now that I know my enjoyment of the Sisters is not just my own private weirdness, I will force everyone I know to come to the next show, with their dancin' pants on. Good stuff.