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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
A few other assorted linkys whilst the money-earnin' prevents me from full bloggage:

Kurt Vonnegut article about politics. Very nice.

Hilarious George Saunders piece on an exit strategy for Iraq. "We will have to practice running quickly," ha. (Via Esselle.)

Wired article on the design team for The Matrix which is notable mainly for the following Coen reference:

"The Burly Man is the title of the script on Barton Fink's desk. We all loved that movie," [Gaeta] explains. "The lesson at the end of it is that after all these ordeals, all this agony, you finally arrive at the culmination of your entire life's work - and it's a wrestling picture."

"That's what The Matrix is."

How depressing. Barton Fink is kind of a depressing movie, I guess.