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Monday, May 17, 2004
A question for discussion: I like Nellie McKay a lot, too (and sweartagod I'll give that back to you on like Wednesday, Jesse), but how much of our--and you know what I mean by "our"--love is motivated by her prominent Bush-bashin'? I'm not saying this makes it illegitimate, but I am wondering what percentage you would give it, and how much weight that percentage has. Like, is it the 5% that pushes it from "just OK" to "great" or is it the 10% that pushes it from "I'll listen to it once" to "I'll listen to it three times"? Or is it maybe a negative percentage for some people? Oh, I'm guessing it's positive though...

And, of course, does this make you like her better than other artists doing similar stuff minus the Bush-bashin'? I'm honestly just curious.