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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Alright, look, you two: I enjoyed reading your anti-festival rants, but like I said in the comments to the k-punk post, why not write about what an elmination of these (and other) things could lead to? Dystopian futures are kind of old, and complaining about the bankruptcy of the present (cultural bankruptcy, at least) seems awfully subjective. So be subjective. What could the future be like, if everything went right? You don't have to be correct, of course, or even accurate, but I'm interested to see what you--and others, too!--think it would/could be like. I loved (as most did) Marcello's Joe Meek alternative history, even as I disagreed with some of the conclusions, but why not extend that? Why not dream a little, eh?

What's that Lee line? "You might be empty, the way your eyes just look right through / it's such a mess now anyway, wish fulfillment every day..."