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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Brief music-geek question: how would one acheive the Matrix's guitar sound, as heard especially on the Liz Phair album? I really like that crunchy-and-distorted-but-very-crisp-and-not-buzzy sound. I'm assuming it's direct inputting the guitars, but through what? A amp emulator PT plugin? A Line6 Pod? If one of those, what settings would you use to get, say, the guitar sound you'd find on "Underwear" or "Extraordinary"? A high-gain Marshall half-stack?

Why do I ask? a) because I like it, b) because I find myself doing a lot of direct-input recording these days, and c) because I want to cover Beck's "The Golden Age" like that. (A discussion with Miss Clap makes me think I should change the chorus lyrics to "These days I eat lots of pie / I really like pie" but I may not, in fact, do this.)

Corrolary question: where else can you find this kind of DI sound? Mandy Moore's Coverage tracks? Basement Jaxx?