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Monday, June 07, 2004
Interesting stuff from Sevs #2--Henry Warwick, in response to a suggestion about sequencing:

A classic/standard ordering is the Sonata form. A typical Sonata form is in 3 or 4 parts, of

Allegro / Andante / Vivace / and sometimes a Coda.

King Crimson records followed this fairly strictly for the first several releases.

Many many other records follow this form as well.

Another form that's a bit more built up and useful is:

PRelude / Allegro / Andante / Crescendo / Vivace / Reprise (allegro but modulated to match vivace) / second crescendo / coda.

You don't have to make songs to fit: just make songs then order them per the formula.

It works. It's CREEPY, but it works.

This is all pretty much classical comp theory. It works for many good reasons, mostly having to do with neuroscience and memory processing.

Awesome! I'll have to try that.