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Friday, July 30, 2004
A few notes on The Mae Shi:

1) I think it's fair to say that one of the things musicblogs are concerned with is exposing and/or avoiding the kind of backslapping bullshit the hard-copy music press is known for, partially by putting music fans in direct, peer-level contact with music journos.  It's also fair to say that a large part of the appeal of MP3 blogs comes from the impression that their curators have just happened upon the song in question.  But I assume that most bloggers heard about the Mae Shi the same way I did, i.e. by having them send me an e-mail asking if I wanted a copy of the CD.  So is it fair not to note this in a post about them?  When information about a band comes directly from a label or promoter or the band itself, is it really in the spirit of a musicblog not to note that?  I'm really asking this, because mainly I don't care, but I know that some people really do.  And I'm certainly not doubting that the music had a genuine appeal.  But it does seem to be something worth considering.

2) That said, the mix that Sean links to really is quite good.  At its best, it's clearly free-associating, with obvious links between the songs.  (Sorta like the Random 100.)  The various resonances between hi-hat offbeat sounds in track 14 is particularly nice.

3) Did I miss the part where Thurston Moore decreed that all noise rock album covers have to be pastel?  I mean, come on, folks.

ADDENDUM: 4) It was very cute that the band (or, I suppose, some remarkably DIY-aping publicist) sent me a burn of the album.  Gotta love that.  Also gotta love that they intentionally sent their stuff to MP3blogs!  Although I guess when you have 30+ tracks, you can afford to give away a few.