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Friday, July 23, 2004
Follow-up on BB #01: although you should of course be reading Fluxblog every day, today Matthew's featuring an excerpt from Eleanor's appearance on (the generally excellent, by the way) East Village Radio in which she does acoustic performances of bits of "Quay Cur" and all (oops--actually just parts) of "Straight Street."  She also talks about the Inuit section of "Quay Cur" a bit, thank the lord, and Matthew adds further explication, which I've added as an addendum to my analysis of the song. 

Additionally, I know that not everyone has the booklet for Blueberry Boat, so I'm going to scan it as soon as I can so you can see the full lyrics of each song.  This whole project will end up being a permanent installation on a different website once it's finished, and I'll definitely host lyrics and maybe the EVR MP3 there.  More details once this is all tied up...

Oh, also, I meant to ask this before, but hearing the acoustic "Straight Street" actually helped a lot to sort out the chord progressions in the verse.  So, aside from the single version of "My Dog Was Lost," does anyone know of any alternate versions of these songs?  I guess the live versions are different, eh--"Spainolated" sounds a lot better live, I think.  A little help cataloguing that might be nice.