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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Two little things about two of the usual suspects:

- The Scissor Sisters album was released last week, and for some reason it doesn't have any bonus tracks, which is really annoying. Rapture-syndrome ahoy, I worry. It's nice to pretend like we all didn't get the album off Soulseek a friggin' year ago, but seriously record company, give me the slightest impetus to buy it and I will. This, however, is not doing it.

- The new Fiery Furnaces single seems to have made its way to the US now, and can be picked up in Virgin for $4 (and less elsewhere I'm sure). It's also on a new comp entitled The Rough Trade Field Guide to Music, which title may or may not be a deliberate ILM reference. The comp also includes the single version of "Tropical Ice-Land" as well as tracks by the decent Art Brut, some Pete-from-the-Libertines side/main project called Wolfman, Hal, Eastern Lane, Aberfeldy, and "Cornershop presents Bubbley Kaur." Having not read the NME much lately, I'm a little mystified to who some of these folks are. At any rate, it's $9, and has been good so far.