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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Random notes:

- Good lord, Rilo Kiley is horrible. Like mid-period Green Day if they forgot how to write songs. And I like Green Day. Or like me if I, uh, sucked.

- Speaking of which, TTIKTDA has a new Green Day song and it's fantastic.

- Speaking of speaking of which, could someone put Blink-182's drummer in a band that knows how to write songs? This could include Basement Jaxx, mind you.

- I find myself listening to the Killer album a lot, and despite certain claims made on certain other music sites, no one I particularly respect particularly likes it. But it keeps finding its way into my CD player. Why is that? It's my Turn on the Bright Lights for 2004--whenever I see that the band's playing, I'm like, "Oh, them again?" And then a day later I'm listening to the album again. I should do a post about this, but then again there are a lot of things I should do a post about.