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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Tom Ellard's chime-in on the Franz Ferdinand thing below.

The writer is perhaps mislead. There are still interesting bands but
they don't get the same level of publicity. He may also be like the rest of
us - when we are young we work hard to find interesting music, as we get older
we tend to stick with what we have and let publicity direct our gaze. I would
have visited a record shop weekly when I was a teen, now I will graze about the
web a bit. I did not hear about the music I grew up withon the television.


If rock music is bland, then it's a general blandness of taste for which
poor old Franz Ferdinand shouldn't be singled out. They are just a sandwich

The sandwich shop metaphor! And with that, I decided to wholeheartedly endorse "Snack Shop" as our band name.