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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Apparently I've taken over the Flagpole reviews page this week, as there are 5 (!) of mine there, all of which I'm actually really happy with. A few notes on 'em:

- Still stand by my Rilo Kiley review despite their mention on Gilmore Girls last night--we all know Lane needs to evolve in her tastes a bit, god bless her. And man, inter-band dating, there's a subject fraught with more intricacies than I'm entirely sure they'll grant. That said, the goodness that is GG was just highlighted by a brief flip over to Veronica Mars afterwards, on which a boy tried to entice young Ms. Mars (I think) by offering her a ride on his boat, where he assured her "the Strokes would be blasting." Dude, so 2001. At least GG is au courant even if it is a bit gauche.

But man, another really good episode, especially in the back half, with a good speech about rockin' from Gil, the kickass cover (although, man, I wouldn't want to be in a band with Sebastian Bach, that dude's got moves, he'd upstage me every time!) with the Hendrix ("yeah, because Hendrix made it an anthem!") solo in the middle, Suki's politics-wife suit and mannerisms (which Miss Clap was immensely amused by), Jackson's concession/acceptance speech preceded by the kiss, etc. The Paris-Rory exchange near the beginning about the three-minute rule was great, too. My viewing companions pointed out that it was actually a pretty common conversation to have in college, you just never saw it on TV.

- Goddamn but I hate Northern State.

- More on Dizzee later. My only regret is that I didn't use the phrase "smells all Pollard-y."

- In listening to the Meow Meow album more (which I've been doing a lot), I realized that the song that rips off "Radio Song" actually becomes an Imperial Teen song, which is awesome.

- May not have made this clear, but I do really like that Ordinary Boys CD, although I guess I shouldn't. Eh.