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Thursday, October 28, 2004
A few little things:

- I seriously need to update the ol' links bar. What's prompting it at the moment (it's honestly been prompting me for a while--I mean, Chee-rist, I don't have Douglas or Matos or Laces or Alex Ross or a whole lot of others on there) is this, which is new, and this, which is returned from hiatus. I'm glad Paul's with me on Rilo Kiley, but uh-oh, if he didn't like the brief Bloc Party rip, he's gonna be very unhappy at the review...(which should be out next week). [I am reminded of these two things by him.]

- With blogger/blogspot being down yesterday, and with the combination of increased free time and seriously decreased productivity I was experiencing the day before, I did a lot of poking around on ILM and Dissensus. And lord but I was bored. Am I just missing something?

- You should read the Voice article on Gilmore Girls written by Joy Press. Quo Vadimus has the link. You should download both songs here, especially the Ce'cile. You should pay Flyboy a visit if you haven't lately. You should give all the unemployed bloggers a job if you can.

- I kind of want to do this, but given my schedule next month, I probably shouldn't. Then again, as someone points out on the ILM thread, you can record a solo album really quickly, much more quickly than you can write an album. I guess I did record an album in 3 hours once. So maybe I will anyway if I have a free weekend. Which I won't. I will have some downtime this month and next, though, during which I plan on finishing the BB analysis, and possibly writing a book of criticism. Riiiiight.