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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

This morning on the long train ride I decided to go with Blur's The Great Escape, and I decided to skip ahead a bit after "Charmless Man," as I usually listen to that disc on shorter rides and end up stopping after "Fade Away." But goddamn, the back half of that album is really good! I'd totally forgotten. Like, the lyrics in "Mr. Robinson's Quango" are kind of embarassing, but the arrangement is mind-blowing--I sort of want to make people who get all breathless about the Homosexuals listen to that more closely. And there's the chord changes in "Globe Alone," which rocks more than I'd expected, and the noises in "Dan Abnormal," the cute little Stereolabisms of "Yuko and Hiro" (although, again, kind of embarassing lyrics--Damon'd sort of ridden that train a little too far, eh? Or at least after the first four songs on the album), like that. Very nice.

Oh but also I noticed even more wonderfulness in "Country House" that maybe I'll get into later. If yer lucky. But for now I have to go...input...invoices. Awesome.