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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Election day impressions (to be updated as the day goes on...)

- There was a line half a block out the door of voters at the 14th street Y at 10am this morning.

- The president of our company is wearing a "Vote Or Die" t-shirt and it mainly comes off as cute.

- A discussion in the hallway reminded me that one of my co-workers is this guy's son, and another also has some sort of connection along these lines that I'm missing, somehow.

- Miss Clap was walking to her polling place and stopped to get a light from some guys who were smoking pot. They said, "Hey, are you voting today?" She said yes. "And you're voting for Kerry, right?" She said yes. She was very encouraged by this. I think I am too.

- Got an e-mail from Atlantic Records, oddly enough, asking me to vote. Also got an e-mail from Carla Bozulich briefly mentioning the voting thing, but more focusing on what she's been up to, viz:

"The new music rocks and then is delicate and has explosions and tons of wordsand voice. The music is soaring. Not a country project. Not for those adverse tosadness or hilarity."


- Blah blah blah Pitchfork.

UPDATE 1: First round of exit polls are up on Eschaton.

- Heard on the radio that in New York Bush is up 52 to 45. But if you look at the exit polls I linked above, Kerry's up 60-40 in Pennsylvania, and that's obviously not going to be right.

- Also, MediaMatters has a grid that tracks when each network calls each state and for whom. It's ostensibly a watchdog thing but is a good shortcut to monitoring the results.

- Wonkette has another set of numbers with everything pretty much going to Kerry by a point or two.