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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Few quick things:

- I am on my first publicity mailing list! Woohoo! AAM is now sending me promos, even when I don't ask for them. Sweet! Of course, I told the person at AAM about this blog, so hopefully she won't read it and be all "your first mailing list? We thought you were a professional writer! No more CDs for you."

- The new Soft Pink Truth album sounds really good--disco covers of 80s punk songs! Awesome. Also, good for Drew to literalize "dance-punk." Also also, never realized how annoying a statement "Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want the Truth?" is until reading the parody title. Of course, I now have the context of rockism being a critical term devised to address new wave in the antithesis, so that casts it in a different light. I was wondering if it had originated earlier, since I saw it in my Britpop book, but that just showcases my ignorance, I suppose. So anyway, I would like to buy this and the DFA comp. Just in case promo people are reading the blog.

- Been listening to the Breeders' Last Splash a lot lately and really, really enjoying it. I want to do a cover of "Flipside" I think. It's such a peppy little instrumental! Wang-a-wang-a-wang-a-wang.

- Related to something else I'm working on, the lyrics to "Take This Waltz" are some of the best ever written. Top 10 maybe. I won't quote anything because I want to quote the whole thing, but the sudden viewpoint shift in the final verse is absolutely wonderful.

- Also, hey, here's some Villon.