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Saturday, November 20, 2004
Impressions from my travels today:

If there's anything that would make the $20 MOMA admission fee seem acceptable, it would be trying to get in today when admission was free. The line not only went all the way down 53rd street, it then looped back on itself three times. Yeah, I'll pony up two sawbucks to not deal with that. It looked pretty from the outside.

Sideways is both very good and not sad. Sure, it was bittersweet, but the ending cut nicely between happy and said, leaving it ambiguous but hopeful. Payne is better than a lot of people at balancing awkward moments (which I have only a certain tolerance for, while I do enjoy them) with wish fulfillment and straight-up humor. You could argue that it was a cop-out not to have a wholly sad ending here, but, you know, decent ones happen all the time. The failed-writer jokes were very good, although eternally second in this particular category to Martin Amis' The Information, where the jokes about agents getting headaches and the description of the revolving-door/cellphone scene are just magnificent. Although, I always feel like it's kind of mean for published writers to make jokes about writers who can't get published. Anyway. Also, did anyone else laugh at the fact that Grapes of Wrath was playing on the TV when Guy-From-Wings looked at himself in the mirror? It's a double pun! Also also, the trailer for In Good Company looked excellent. Go Topher Grace.