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Sunday, November 14, 2004
Reading this NYT article about Puffy Ami Yumi, I now desperately want to hear lots of them. If I had to identify one particular line that hooked me, it would be this one:

"They have been familiar faces since 1996, when "Ajia no Junshin" ("True Asia") their debut single in imitation of the group E.L.O., sold more than a million copies."

A million-selling debut single in imitation of the Electric Light Orchestra? Seriously? Sign me up!

So yes, if someone would like to send me an album or some MP3s, that would be lovely. Drop me a line.

Also, the Ensler/LaBute review, which sees fit (wisely) to include a capsule modern social history of the interaction of weight and feminism, is very good, although I still think that any LaBute review can simply consist of the statement "LaBute's characters are not human and should not be mistaken for such" and leave it at that. But.