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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
"Even leaving it at that, this would seem to imply that blogs are still going to be strong competition for record reviewers. Maybe so, but think about this weird symbiotic relationship that's been going on recently: many bloggers hit the big-time when they cross over into other media like print..."

Uh, that's cause then we get paid, dude. I'm not just selling my mix tapes out of the back of a car anymore, which is nice, but the hustle just changes, it don't go away. On the other hand, I'm not entirely sure my audience is actually bigger...but then, I live in a li'l bubble, don't I?

Anyway, the link comes via Nate and has links to some very good articles, the intro notwithstanding. I'll be picking through it by and by.

ADDENDUM: I'm not even going to get into "more conservative music criticism will be coming our way," even though I might like to. Does that include meeee? And what the fuck would conservative music criticism be, anyway? Modest Mouse reviews that want to cut corporate taxes?