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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
I am stewing things in my head. I am letting them simmer and create a good broth to put things in later, to make it even tastier. But it's not ready yet. When I see my ingredients in other places, I can tell they are winking at me, like the pretty girl you see at a party when you're off pursuing another one, and think, ahh, she's nice, but she's for another time. But you talk to her anyway. Just a few words around the keg or behind her in line somewhere, just laying the groundwork. You know it'll pay off. But for now it's a simmer. For now it's waiting.

So I'm getting these little glimmers from things that may pay off later: Ohio, upstate New York, rendering archaic things in a modern tongue (you see how vague this is at present, but it'll stew), etc., etc. They're all just reflections off shiny things moving somewhere in the distance. We'll see where it ends up.