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Thursday, January 13, 2005
In answer to Sasha's question: I think I can only answer unkindly, and the unkind answer is that critics' cocaine is a new genre that is also a harsher or more worldly or more knowing version of the music you liked when you were younger. Evidence of this: punk as cocaine to critics who loved 50s rock, grime as cocaine to critics who liked rave/d&b/garage, Prince as cocaine to critics who liked funk, etc. None of these are actual new genres, but then the original genres weren't new either, since we're talking pop music here. But I think new genres are the coke, and the more you liked the preceding genre and the more vital the new genre is, the more effect it has on you. (Here I'm assuming he's using cocaine as something that makes you more talkative, more focused, and more crazy, sort of hyperaware, and not a little paranoid too, since after all passionate genre lovers become passionate genre purists...)

UPDATE: Sasha compiles mine and some others' responses.