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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
OK, that does it. From now on, I get to pick the titles for Wolf Eyes albums.

Given their usual release rate, which is apparently based on the theory that if you record something, it's a song, allow me to present a prospective release schedule for the next few years.

Q1/05: (limited-edition run of 30 etched on the surface of these plexiglass tablets they only made for like 6 months in 1974 in Georgia) whingwhingwhingSCREEEEEEEEEuggauggaBONK

Q2/05: (encoded on metal orb, shot into space via homemade launchpad) Happy Meal Comes With REAL HUMAN TOE BLEEEEURRRGH!

Q3/05: (Subpop release) Hey, Did You Guys Mean To Leave the Synths On? Oh Wait Sorry

Q4/05: (uploaded to a back-door Estonian porn server, taken down after 3 hours) Blood On The Tracks But Not Like That Pussy Dylan Shit Like Real Blood And Like The Tracks Are Like Made of SKULLS!

Q1/06: (you have to go to this church and then the head priest gives you a pendant and then you have to find the "worshipper" with the matching pendant and when you do they open their mouth and this comes out) quiet white noise then REALLY LOUD WHITE NOISE THEN some clicking then REALLY LOUD WHITE NOISE and did i mention EVVVVIIIIILLLLL!

So yeah, that should about do it.