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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Reading this, I realized that although I've been having a fantastic time lately in the NYC (er, so to speak), I haven't been more than a few feet south of Houston or east of 1st Ave in quite a while. I hung out in Bushwick, in Washington Heights, on 23rd, at some place called Cheap Shots on 1st with an air hockey table in the back; ate on St. Mark's, at Berket, at Veselka; and just wandered around wherever, but none of it on the LES. I have been doing a lot of things in the East Village, but that's different (apparently), and maybe this article explains it: all the riffraff cleared out to Ludlow and Rivington. The East Village has felt nice and low-key lately, laid-back and familiar in a way it often doesn't. Maybe it's the winter, maybe it's the fact that I'm settling into the city more and more, but I've had a really fantastic time the last few weeks (including my trip to Atlanta, which was amazing), and I haven't been anywhere particularly trendy, and I really haven't seen hipster one. This is kinda nice.

There are certainly bad things about it--I like Fez, and the takeout margaritas at the Hat, but quite frankly, the Luna Lounge can go fuck itself nine ways from Sunday, so good riddance. Things like this make me sort of understand why people hate hipters, but it also makes me see the gradations that people sometimes miss. Also, it makes me think that all this is stupid and I shouldn't be talking about it. But so it goes. Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that I'm happy to go out with a drink with you if you're up for a good time; we'll grab all our friends and go somewhere quiet and make it loud.