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Friday, January 28, 2005
Via subinev, here are some pictures of the recording of the Branca piece I participated in, which I'll finally write about, um, any day now. If you know what I look like, you can see me in some of these pictures; if you don't know what I look like, uh, you can still see me, you just won't even know that you're seeing me. Mwah! I'm Phillip K. Dick!

Uh sorry. I think it's time to leave work and go practice and eat some dumples. (I need to write about that sometime too, but in short: Mr. Dumple = best dumplings evah! (Also, Mr. Dumple = Dumpling Man. *cough*) (Also also, picture #15 in the first set here = dumplingest dumpling that ever dumped!) (Jesus, I'm posting cute baby pictures now. It really is time to go.))

ADDENDUM: In fairness, that baby is pretty rockin', eh?

ADDENDUM 2: Christ, good thing I got my hair cut finally.