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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Also, can I say how much I like reading music critics talk about politics? It's awesome. There should be a whole magazine for it, and it should be called Badly-Written Banalities No One Gives a Shit About. It would sell a million copies. Every day.

Look, you want to come to me and compare a particular mash-up to TR's Panama policy effort, or Nellie McKay's marketing plan to electioneering usage of cross-cutting cleavages, we can talk. If you just want to regurgitate things we all read about in the same damn vaguely leftist publications and compare it to some aspect of popular culture, leave it to Maureen Dowd. She does it better, or at least crazier. Which, in this context, is better.

Oh, and especially don't use cultural capital wrong. That'll just piss me off more. Especially if, after misusing it, you proceed to a really astoundingly dumb analysis of, you know, culture.