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Monday, February 28, 2005
I'm offering this without comment, because I'm afraid "the people" would rise up and overthrow me and this blog would become naught but a parade of harangues against the state (as opposed to harangues against music critics), but I will say that it sounds so much like something Harm would write parodically that I'm sort of worried.

We the HipHop community of Athens, Georgia have been fighting the media here in Athens since our re-emergence in 2000. We have been constantly misquoted, under-researched and basically neglected by the major Athens publications. The article in today's Red and Black (Feb. 24 '05) by Todd Zeigler, the assistant variety editor although good in its content just did not do Dreaded MindZ Family (DMZ Family) or the HipHop Community of Athens justice. I Montu Miller, Dreaded MindZ Family Chief Administrator will attempt to fill in the blanks and make necessary corrections to better inform the Red and Black staff as well as the students of the University of Georgia.

The first major mistake was advertising to the UGA community that Ishues will be performing with First Team at Tasty World tonight (Feb.24 '05). The DMZ Family press release sent to the Red and Black on February 20TH specifically states there will be a Dirty South Dancehall, celebrating the Caribbean roots of HipHop with a traditional Dancehall with toasting instead of Emceeing (Ishues was not mentioned anywhere on the press release). Now that over 30 thousand students have seen this article we will have to change plans to include Ishues in someway. People will be expecting to hear Ishues because they read it in the Red and Black and we try to never disappoint the community. This is not the first time an event has had to change due to the media's lack of research. Secondly, with proper research it should have been stated that HipHop has many elements and is not limited to the few that were covered. What culture has a hand full of elements that make it up? At least mention all the essential elements: (1) DJing (2) Emceeing (3) Graf Art (4) Breaking (5) Knowledge (The peoples experiences). The article forgot to mention Graf Art which is imperative to HipHop preservation. With proper research this could have been avoided. Lastly, we the HipHop community of Athens will not get use to not getting the respect we have earned and deserve. Like the rest of the world Athens still refuses to acknowledge HipHop as a living-viable culture. Would the japanese, russian or british cultures be covered in such a side note fashion? No I do not think they would, especially coming from a supposedly top-notch research 1 institution publication. It's wrong to spell any culture with a lowercase, HipHop is no different. That's usually how the HipHop community can recognize who accepts us as our own culture and those who push us to the side as a subculture that just branched off from Americanism.
We the HipHop community of Athens would like to know when a well researched, well organized and informative HipHop article will run in the Red and Black? We just want to be apart of the whole like most of the other cultures of Athens, Georgia. Stop treating us like your distant cousins when we are your brothers and sisters. The time has come to do more than minimum research and rushing out an article to fill space. We would rather receive the respect we deserve whole-heartily or not be covered at all. This year Athens will host a HipHop Conference at the Continuing Education Building sponsored by the College Language Association, Athens HipHop Weekend and various other nationally promoted events. Athens HipHop is nationally-known, yet our home media outlets still only scrap the surface to cover our community.

We greatly appreciate and respect all the work of the Red and Black editors, writers and staff. Just getting HipHop covered has been a battle, so we really do thank Todd Zeigler and the Red and Black for the kind words and front cover pictures in the Out and About section. With time, energy and effort we believe one day an article will run in the Red and Black that will satisfy both the Red and Black and the HipHop community of Athens. Athens HipHop reflects the vast plethora of people, places and things throughout the whole community, we are the consciousness of the people...We were here before 2000 and We will be here as long as Athens still stands...I do not speak for the whole Athens HipHop community for that would be impossible, but I do speak for the Dreaded MindZ Family, a large Family of HipHop leaders in the Athens HipHop community. HipHop hasn't Stopped-Can't stop and Won't Stop no matter what obstacles stand in our path.

Montu Miller,
Dreaded MindZ Family Chief Administrator and HipHop Community ActivistThe Underground Community of Athens Georgia is dedicated to Unity, Justice and Upliftment for all members of the Community...We will not rest until all are Unified, Liberated and (Re)Educated...Anyone here to assist in our struggle we welcome with open arms...Anyone here to get in our way be ready to fight to the death...Free Athens Georgia from corporate imperialism!!!Revolution Now!!!

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