clap clap blog: we have moved

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Some random hits:

- LCD Soundsystem's song titles sure are annoying when you're a review writer with an eye on your word count. Also, is it a coincidence that two of their best songs are co-writes? Apparently Tim gets credit for some of "Yeah" and "Beat Connection." Also also, given the great transitions on the Rapture album (and the third disc of DFA Comp #2) why the hell couldn't they throw a few in here? The sequencing is, if not wiggidy wack, at least the regular kind.

(More on Murphy's Masterwork later, probably.)

- I have moved, so if you had a snail mail address for me in Brooklyn, consider it now outdated. Just drop me a line if you want the new one. I was going to post things about my new neighborhood, but that'll have to wait. Lemme just say this, though: the discount store sells mix CDs for $4! I totally got a Soca one and a dancehall one last night.

- So, uh, how does one get on the mailing list to know when to submit proposals for EMP's pop music conference? Because apparently I missed out again, which is THE SADDENATOR. (Edit: it might help one's cause to spell "conference" correctly, yes?)

More things when I think of them.