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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Uh, hi, Village Voice readers. I guess I've been "outed" now with my real name--well, aside from that thing with tha Unicorn last year, and aside from my ballots, and my Flagpole articles, and...but anyway--so hi to my co-workers, too. Or not. I guess this'll tell me how closely they read the Voice.

The latest installment of the Blueberry Boat project--i.e., what you're looking for--can be found here. Sequential links to all previous entries are at the top of that one. You may also be interested in the Blueberry Boat Chronicles, an attempt on my part to re-order the album chronologically. Finally, there have been assorted other little bits about the Furnaces, which you can probably find best by doing a search.

Stick around, if you like; this blog's about a lot more than just the Fiery Furnaces. It's about Kelly Clarkson and Courtney Love too!

But seriously, I should have at least one summation up in the next few days. You may notice that there are still a few songs left to do, but I don't think they're germane to the story, so although I do have some ideas on them (and I'm like thisclose to getting "1917") they'll have to be bonus tracks for later. So keep checking for that.

Hey Deborah, does this mean I can get on the guestlist for the North6 show now?