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Thursday, March 10, 2005
3 things learned from the ol' referral log:

1) I am the only hit when you search Yahoo for "Gavin Bryers' compositional style and technique" for some reason.

2) This blog is saying something about my MIA post, but as it's in some Scandanavian language, I have no idea what it's saying. If anyone's got any ideas, lemme know.

3) I keep getting hit from people searching for "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah" i.e. the band of the same name. It's like every day. So I have to wonder: are people searching for it because they're interested in the music or is it just regular autogoogling? And why do I keep getting hits from it when I'm on the third page of results? Weird.

I've been giving you a lot of attention, my little bloggicans, and the other parts of my life are getting jealous and/or screamy, so I will have to neglect you today. But, um, if you want to talk about Gilmore Girls or something in the comments, feel free.