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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Every review in Flagpole this week is by someone named "Michael" or "Chad Radford." Awesome! Well, three of the ones by "Michael" are by a Michael named me: Bellafea, T.I., and Fiery Furnaces. (Thanks, Chris, for not running all my hip-hop reviews in the same issue and making me look like a dingus.)

As stated sometime previously, I love Bellafea so very very very much. You should seriously buy this EP, because you will fall in love as well, or at least enjoy yourself while listening to it.

And the Fiery Furnaces' EP I liked a lot more than I thought I would, given that I'd heard most of the songs before--damn thing's got a flow!

In the T.I. review I bring up the concept of "background crunk" and then just let it sit there. So, um, pick it up and run with it if you can.

ADDENDUM: When, in the review of EP, I write:

"if you play some of them before British pop songs, they sound the same!"

The songs I'm referring to are "Single Again" and Rachel Stevens' "Negotiate With Love," whose intros are weirdly similar in all sorts of ways. Which I won't explore, of course, because lord knows I don't like to analyze the Fiery Furances too much.