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Thursday, March 03, 2005
Glad as I always am to see Mommy & Daddy trashed, what the hell is "faux cowbell"? Is that like a synthesized cowbell, i.e. the cowbell sound on a drum machine or keyboard? "Faux" doesn't seem right for that, somehow. Are we just trying to emphasize the general faux-badness of the group by saying "faux" a lot? Is it a way of saying "fake" without being so obvious about it? I'm genuinely confused.

Also, am I part of "pop criticism's reigning PC police"? Awesome! I had no idea we were, like, reigning! I just thought we were having wanky little self-contained circular arguments in a small corner of the internet. Well all right then! It's a good thing the writer is oppressed, otherwise he would not feel so good about writing music reviews. Wshew!