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Thursday, March 17, 2005
I've been getting the Heavy CDs for a while, but the February one is really fantastic and worth your while. It contains a bunch of MP3 hitz in full-quality form ("Kick Out the Chairs," "Pull Up the People," "Hideyaface") as well as some other good stuff--Lemon Jelly, Stereo Total, etc.

I'm usually not the biggest fan due to the high percentage of yawny backpacker hip-hop they choose to include, but this one's sliding in the right direction. Grime is the new undie!

UPDATE: Realized that the "Kick Out the Chairs" is a different mix than the one I have, too (probably grabbed off MFR?), so it's worth it just for that, really.

Also, I realized why I don't really like that Ghostface/El-P/Prefuse track: the El-P verses are just incredibly boring.

Also also, are people forming their judgments on MIA based only on "Galang" and "Pull up the People" or what?