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Thursday, March 31, 2005
So I have made the aforementioned mix for the nine-year-old. There were definitely some things I wanted to put on that didn't make it, due to the fact that I put it together somewhat at the last minute--we're taking her out to dinner tonight to give her big sis some alone time--but I think it's pretty sturdy. Some surprise last minute additions, etc. Particularly sad I couldn't get "Gigantic" or Blondie or the Violent Femmes on there.


1) Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone
2) Hole - Malibu
3) Veruca Salt - Seether
4) Sonic Youth - My Friend Goo
5) Smashing Pumpkins - Today
6) Kimya Dawson - Loose Lips
7) Liz Phair - Love/Hate
8) TMBG - Birdhouse In Your Soul
9) X - Soul Kitchen
10) New Pornographers - Letter From an Occupant
11) Mandy Moore - One Way Or Another
12) X-Ray Spex - I Am a Poseur
13) The Blow - Hey Boy
14) Rilo Kiley - Portions For Foxes
15) Soul Coughing - True Dreams of Wichita
16) Breeders - Drivin' on 9