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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
It is such a beautiful day outside that I'm not going to get mad about the comments being down. I am just going to turn on Blogger's and have done with it. Click on the time to leave one.

Damn, it's a beautiful day. Too bad I had a whole post about sadness almost done, now it feels dated. Eh, I'll just wait for the next rainy day, I suppose.

ADDENDUM: Well, it woulda been nicer if Shake Shack hadn't had some sort of angry mob scene outside, thus scaring us off, but the dumpling place was pretty awesome too. Still: no pumpkin pie concrete for me today, more's the pity. (Also, I shouldn't have gone to the Shake Shack link, what with its delicious picture of a delicious sundae and aggggghhhhmmm.)