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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Gilmore Girls! Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls!

*deep breath*

Giiiillllllmore Giiiiiiirls!


So what the hey, people? I miss like four episodes and then tune in for that?!

Here, roughly, is what I am wondering:

- I initially assumed Luke would say yes, but are there reasons to doubt? Maybe he was rattled by Lorelai's sudden possible job offer? Although she did ask him, after all.

- Did the elder Gilmores (all of 'em!) go about that all wrong or what? Your first reaction is always agreement, and then you slowly guilt them out of it, which wouldn't have been too hard with Rory, since she already felt like she made a mistake. But once the hammer's down, it's got to stay down. And it's amazing that they still feel comfortable going behind Lorelai's back, no? Especially in a really common situation like the one Rory's in.

- What's up with Rory? Is everything going to go back to normal next season sort of like it did early this season (i.e. she'll reconsider over the summer, go back to Yale, have some doubts and a rough transition, but then settle in) or is she going to go somewhere else? (Miss Clap's theory is Oberlin.) Or bum around Stars Hollow?

- When discussing with Matthew, he agreed with Logan's dad's assessment of Rory's chances as a reporter, but in the course of the finale, everyone went out of their way to reassure Rory that he was wrong/mean/manipulating. What do you think? More importantly, what will the show think?

- If she leaves Yale, is this a way to extend the show for a few more seaons, given that the original end date was pegged to Rory's graduation from college?

Anyway, discuss.

ADDENDUM: QV's picture of Sebastian Bach and Abe Vigoda reminds me of the whole going-on-tour subplot, which my mind is too blasted to even consider, I feel. But, um, thoughts?

I looked at the clock while they were discussing the on-tour thing and saw it was 8:55 and yelled, "What's going on? It can't be over yet. Is it going to be two hours? What's going to happen?" They packed a lot into that 5 minutes.