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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
I can't quite peg what it reminds me of, but I have to admit I quite like this. (Warning: it is Radiohead-related.) It's a bit more open and less cynical than the kind of prose we were seeing before from Thom et al, more playful and judicious. Less cyberpunk and more Cheever. I like Cheever. (Please note: not as good as Cheever, but that's an unfair comparison for almost anyone, because, goddamn, Cheever.) Also a bit Neil Gaiman, although I suspect more "a bit whoever Neil Gaiman is ripping off when he does this sort of thing, whoever that is."

OK, yes, it mainly reminds me of stuff I was doing 5 years ago, but still. I wonder if I can find that track I did...oh yes, try here, sort of. Trust me, I'm embarassed by it.