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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
I have comments in the Stylus UK Singles Jukebox. They are just OK. You can read my overheated praise of the Stevie track in full.

More posts shortly--that whole work thing is really intruding.

ADDENDUM: After the fairly effusive praise for the New Order track, which I didn't actually write a comment for, I relistened, and was glad, because my comment would have been really mean. Ana better have like 3 good songs on the next Scissor Sisters album, because, man.

Also, maybe you would find the Stevie song more interesting if you thought of it as a musical setting of Bill Cosby's recent grumbles? Less an updating of "Wonder's 'message' era" and more a new-millenium version of the album Cosby did with Quincy Jones. Still no?

Finally: mein gott, I didn't listen to the S-K song long enough to realize that the lyrics were anti-entertainment. That's too bad, huh? Because oh, the things I would have to say.