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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Few random bits:

- Hey, anyone else think that Dizzee's "I Luv U" just sounds like pop now? Which is good, you know, but I remember it being presented as this revelatory and revolutionary thing at the time. Wasn't, really, was it?

- Another reason ILM impedes blogging is the persistance of "they're actually really really nice"-itis. Everybody knows everybody you could talk about, and yes, unsurprisingly they aren't raging ideologues most of the time. But Dick Cheney's got a gay daugher and Bush ostensibly believes in good ol' pacifist Jesus Christ, and you don't see those personal realities reflected in their public pronouncements, and you certainly don't see that in the general perception that public persona produces. You're not going to get near the top of the communicating-with-the-public heap, whether as a writer or a politician, without being a somewhat intelligent person, and most intelligent people embrace ambiguity and moderation over extremism in their personal interactions. But that doesn't mean the nicest, most broad-minded editor can't give folks the impression that it's OK to just like one genre of music. Or whatever. Ultimately the editor and writer are irrelevant; what matters is the reader, and ILM is just a wee bit too inside-baseball for me to trust their ideas on what people are getting out of reading about music.

- Everybody say hi to Brooks! ("Hi, Brooks!")