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Monday, June 27, 2005
Guys, ew.

A litigator for New Line, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he is working on this lawsuit, said the money paid to Mr. Jackson so far is in line with the contract he signed.

"Peter Jackson is an incredible filmmaker who did the impossible on 'Lord of the Rings,' " this lawyer said. "But there's a certain piggishness involved here. New Line already gave him enough money to rebuild Baghdad, but it's still not enough for him."
Look, I've been involved with enough lawsuits by now to understand why you would think something like this, or even say it out loud, in private: because of some personal pissing contest and/or ego clash of executives way up the line, who have, in the final analysis, probably fucked up, your job is made almost infinitely harder, and even though you know that it's probably not the creative's fault, since they're the focus of the lawsuit, you direct your grumbling at them. But, holy shit man, don't say those things to the New York Times! Anyone with half a brain will see that "piggish" line, think of how much goddamn money New Line has, and be absolutely disgusted. And of course Jackson's going to read it and just get angrier. It serves no purpose and it really hurts your company's image. Sheesh.

Anyway, that said, when I clicked on the story I was worried Tracy's dad would be at fault somehow, but looks like he's not, so pshew.