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Monday, June 13, 2005
Just to add a few things to Matthew's post about the Maxi Geil show:

I've been a believer for a while, but with this show I now know the best way to bring people around. The album's good, but if they keep playing live shows like this, they're going to get a rabid fanbase in no time flat. They're just really, really good at getting people to dance, and given that you couldn't really hear the lyrics very well, that just leaves a whole other world to explore once you get the CD.

It should be noted that Guy's outfit was super-yacht club, tight khakis and a navy blazer, with standard black dress shoes. This didn't really fit in with the Maxi character but worked amazingly well to highlight the dancing, which was especially impressive given that he held a drink in his hand for the entire gig. Super-classy, super-smooth.

Get yourself to these shows now, while they're still small. Trust me on this.