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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Oh my god, people, System of a Down! They're so good! I know this is my latent metal-ism speaking up, but wow! So fun! They're like the Darkness, except working with 80s speed medal instead of 70s cock-rock! I can't even pin down why I like them so much, but I listen to them really loud on the train and I smile and I bop my head! Mezmerize is just such a good album! They're going slow and then they're going reallyfast and at first he's singing in a nice normal voice and then he's singing in this hilarious silly voice and they're all Eastern European and you less want to mosh and more put on bandannas and dance around a fire! And maybe find a tuba! And play that tuba! Wow! So good! Tuba! Yow!