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Friday, July 22, 2005
Holy crap, comments are back up! After a mere 12 days! Guess which commenting company (whose services I pay for, incidentally) is getting a nasty letter?

Probably not much today, as I'm trying to get out of work early and I'm just horrendously tired. I mean, considering we went on an hour and fifteen minutes late, the gig was pretty damn good, but really, promoters, a) the bands on a bill should have at least some similarity in sound or approach or affections or something, and b) you have to friggin' show up to your own goddamn shows so you can hurry everyone along and make sure the opening band--which is acoustic by the way--doesn't go on 75 minutes late and then play 20 minutes more than it's supposed to. Christ.

ADDENDUM: Oh yes, and you should pay us for all of the people that show up to see us, not half of them.